How integrate a your application with OpenUpdate

It is very easy, are two steps,
1) add OpenUpdate to your application
2) for add a server ( or use the OpenUpdate server ) with the updates

Step 1

About you application, your software have to write a file,
file direcotry: %WINDOWSDIR%\OpenUpdate\tocheck\
file name: the file name is the name of you application, example: OpenFirewall
( after, the same name will be use also inside the repository)
file value: as value the version ( example: 1.0.0 )

ok finish, OpenUpdate will check if exist updates for that version of that application and will download in a new folder on %WINDOWSDIR%\OpenUpdate\update\%APPLICATIONAME% ( example: C:\WINDOWS\OpenUpdate\update\OpenFirewall\ ) now your application can read it how it want

License of OpenUpdate : GPL version 3 and special thanks to Logo