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Open source means that anyone can see and control the source code, over time this leads to inevitable refinements.
OpenFirewall is the first alternative opensource (and so also free) to commercial firewall for Microsoft Windows.

as example Windows XP and 2003 have a built-in firewall, but it controls only the outbound connection but not the incomming (probably the most dangerous).
OpenFirewall characteristics is to control all with two completely independent firewalls, both stateful ispection.

The first, at NDIS "kernel-mode" is based on wipfw
and the second in the TDI is based on tdifw.
is a technology that allows openfirewall to keep the system secure, even if one of them should have a firewall block.

Are now supported 32bit version of Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR DEVELOPERS with knowledge of WFP for Vista or WinPcap.
 Release 0.8.2 in date 16-11-09
 Downloaded about 12000 times Logo Join in Greenpeace Opensource project under GPL v3 license, there are also GPL v2 and GPLG components Support This Project